Comments and Likes in Instagram

The mutual activity – you comment on other participants, they comment on you

The service is absolutely free to use!

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The ecosystem

Thousands of real profiles

Participants use their own Instagram profiles for mutual commenting.
We do our best to make comments relevant and natural.

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How does it work

The concept
«Tit for tat»

Thank to it all of the members get activity, even when there is not much users who post their tasks.

In case you've got an irrelevant comment down your post or a conflict has occurred — don't block user, but report to us. We'll contact the user and take appropriate measures to manage the situation.

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It's you completing first

This is the assurance that a participant will comment on all others who requested during the last 24 hours

The automatic verification

All comments are checked by the system
It'll let you know when you are able to post a task.

The quality is matter

Any user can report to us about an inappropriate things that happened.

Your tasks live for 24 hours

During these hours every user that posts his task, completes your task first

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3 simple steps
to promote your IG now

01  step

Provide your Instagram

You're going to use it while completing tasks.
It's important: we don't ask you to give us the password to Instagram. Beware of scammers, they always want to know your passwords.

  • Password is not needed
02  step

Complete tasks

All participants do this before they post.
This is how we make sure the guarantee of activity

  • Leave good comments
03  step

your task

Provide any post you want to promote (even not of yours), request a number of words for upcoming comments.
You can specify the details of what do you want them to write as well.

  • The task is active for 24 hours

VIP package

VIP for 1 post3 posts5 posts7 posts per day

Do you want not to complete tasks?

No problem. You can become a VIP member and get rid of it.

VIP members can post up to 7 tasks a day according to the vip package and not to complete tasks as well.

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All you need to do is provide the instagram name, that you're going to work from and post your task.

Enjoy your comments now!